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Why do cats meow?

why-cats-meowCats are social animals and they meow for a variety of reasons so that the communication is done effectively and the cat feels at ease with the situation or difficulties experienced in the course of being.

The primary reason why cats meow seem to be their preference for food and when they are hungry for some bites of food. They would usually meow when they are unable to obtain some food for them.

Cats also meow to assert themselves and make their presence felt in the surroundings. Particularly at night when there is silence around, some cats might start meowing either to break the silence or make their presence felt in the situation.

Competition with cats is also a reason why cats meow at any time of the day or night. When there are two or more cats around, a competition might erupt among them so that they start meowing or howling.

Cats are also known as pets for humans and they meow to communicate with humans so that they are accepted as pets in the house or the humans give them food so that they dont have to find it themselves.

Cats also hang around in various areas of the buildings, gardens and walls and sometimes they get trapped in situations like inside a room or in a box kept somewhere so that they would meow to get help in getting out of the trap of the room or box.

Cats like to play with rats and there are even cat and mouse games that are popular with children. In dealing with rats and chasing them, cats do tend to meow to feel a kind of superiority and upmanship.

Cats are social animals and they do connect with other cats and feel at ease in the company of others. Then they start meowing as a kind of social 1459231909607_Cat-meowcommunication and initiating a game of cat conversation.

Cats also like to walk around buildings and particularly in gardens and small lanes and by meowing, the cats make a way for themselves particularly when they are on the top of walls or in tricky situations.

Cats like to climb buildings and walls and even want to jump off the buildings and walls and by meowing they tend to gather energy to be able to climb or jump off the structure which they are trying to get out of.

Cats usually hang around in human areas and as such they also want to have a place where they can hang around and call the place their home.  The cats would meow till they find such a regular place where they can settle and live off.

Cats are interesting creatures and they meow to communicate not just to humans but also to each other or make their presence felt and the meowing actually shows that the cat is interested in some kind of communication and want to make things easy for it so that they are able to live by themselves and in their own style.

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