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Who’s Saving Who? How Your Cat is Saving Your Life


We have all heard stories of dogs saving their owners from fires or intruders. What are lesser known, are the stories of cat heroes. There are many unsung felines who have put their lives on the line to save their owners. Some have even reached out to help people they’ve never met. Unfortunately, even the best people have haters, and cats are no exception. If you love cats, you may have heard some cat detractors making gross generalizations about felines.  They claim that cats tend to be cold and unfeeling and do not care that much about human beings. Nothing could be further from the truth, and it doesn’t take a few heroic stories about cats to show you that.



Simply enjoying the sound of a cats purr, or appreciative glance after a meal can tell you that cats can indeed save your life. There are not only stories but things that have been caught on video that is worth sharing as well. Some people believe that these stories and videos are fakes. However, there are enough stories of feline heroism that show that cats do indeed save lives.



A woman in Texas was unexpectedly attacked by a pair of large pit bulls.  Just when she’d given up hope her cat came to the rescue. Her tortoiseshell cat jumped on the back on one of the pit bulls and sank her claws into him.  She bit the second pit ball in the neck. The pit bulls, the woman, and the cat all walked away from the incident alive. The dogs, however, will think twice before attacking a human again and the cat became a local hero.



There are numerous stories of cats who have awakened owners from a fire or a gas leak in the home. A feline’s fine sense of smell enables it to sniff out danger before the fire ever starts raging. There are stories of cats who have actually dialed 911 and saved the lives of the people living in the house.



If there is a storm heading toward an area your cat will know.  A cats’ behavior can serve as an indicator of changes in barometric pressure. Today, we use sophisticated technology to predict weather patterns in advance of major storms.  In past centuries, people watched the behavior of cats as a way of predicting the weather.  They watched to see if  felines suddenly started behaving erratically. If they were darting this way and that, it was a sign that the weather was changing. Cats have also been said to sense geomagnetic fields from the ground up.  We suspect that they may be able to access things that are beyond human senses.



The main service that cats have provided for humankind has been to ward off and hunt rats and mice. What is lesser known is that cats have a fondness for lizards and snakes. The latter is essential in areas where there may be a limited ability to detect poisonous snakes. Cats are often the first to notice the presence of a slithering creature. If you have ever seen a cat go after a lizard or snake, it is hard to imagine a more effective hunter.  Cats are enthusiastic predators  of scaled, crawling, and slithering intruders.



We may think of mice as a mere menace; but in former times, mice and rats made life almost unbearable.  The infestation was common and the rodents carried disease.  They caused huge financial losses in granaries and other places where food was stored.  It is unpleasant to recount what life was like in past centuries. Rodents often attacked people and babies in their sleep. They could eat and destroy large amounts of food in the granaries and barns.  In those days,house cats and barn cats were working members of the household.



According to some traditional spiritual practices, cats can absorb negative energy from a person and expel it through purring. It is possible that witches (healers) are associated with black cats for this reason. Of course, the color of a cat’s fur has nothing to do with its nature. It may have been the healing qualities in a cat that prompted herbal and natural healers to keep them around.   Negative energy can be responsible for everything from depression to serious illnesses. A cat will sleep next to somebody who may have an unhealthy amount of negative energy and not realize it. The cat will then absorb it and remove it from the person. After removing it from the person, the cat expels the energy from its own body. Of course, there is no way of actually proving any of this. But, it does serve as an interesting theory as to yet another way cats can make us healthier and more content.



Studies have shown that some cats can detect or smell cancer and illness.  Some can tell when an elderly person is about to die. Seniors who have cats tend to be healthier, less lonely, and more alert. Children with autism often find a gentle friend in a cat. Many cat owners will tell you that it is a comfort to have a cat at your feet when you are ill. Cats comfort people in hospitals.  They help lower blood pressure and make people feel less isolated.



Cats and dogs are often recommended to senior citizens to combat loneliness. Pets express affection and create a connection. Cats may be a more convenient pet for the elderly because you don’t need to walk them.   That is wonderful in snowy weather. Cats are also very good at self-care.  They clean themselves, file their own nails, eat when they are hungry, and use a litter box. They are low maintenance compared to many other pets. This is simply another benefit that cats offer their owners. Not to mention, cats make terrific friends!

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