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What You Know About Cats – Fact or Fiction?

What-You-Know-About-Cats-–-Fact-or-FictionOftentimes, it can be hard to distinguish which of the information that we hear are facts and which are just plain myths or fiction. There are times that we can let ourselves believe in myths especially if they would not cause any harm to us or to anyone around us. However, when something is at stake, it is best to get our facts straight to ensure that we can handle everything the right way. For instance, if you have a cat at home or if you are planning to have one, it would help for you to be aware of the existing myths about cats and the truth behind them. Here are five of the common cat myths that you might have heard already and some of the facts related to them:

Indoor cats do not get sick. Cats which do not even go out of the house are not safe from any sickness. Even when they are home, they can still be exposed to harmful organisms that may be carried by their owners through shoes or clothing or by other pets that live in the house. Aside from that, indoor cats can also get sick if they are not properly cared for. If a cat does not eat nutritious foods appropriate for cats, it can be at risk for poor health. Regular visit to the vet is still necessary to ensure that indoor cats are at their best shape.

Cow’s milk is the best food for cats. You may have seen from movies or from animated films that cats are always given a saucer of milk and they seem to enjoy it a lot. While it is true that milk can be given to cats, too much of it can cause diarrhea or indigestion as most cats are actually lactose intolerant. Sometimes, milk can also be the leading cause for obesity problems among cats.

Cats are indifferent and uncaring so you better get a pet dog. Some people prefer dogs, some people prefer cats so let us just leave it at that. Dogs may be more playful and more showy of their feelings but cats can be affectionate too. In fact, there are some cat breeds which possess dog-like qualities because they are very good around people and even play with kids.

Cats always land on their feet. It is just like saying that cats will not be harmed no matter how high they fall because they will land on their feet anyway. Cats are known for their agility but they can also fall and land on their bodies, causing them to get hurt really bad. They can also experience sprains, fractures, and other issues so the next time your cat falls, check it for any injuries because they get hurt too.

Cats have nine lives. This is probably one of the most popular misconception about cats. Sad to say for cat lovers, a cat has only one life, just like other animals and even humans. This myth probably came about because of the cats’ agility and their ability to survive numerous dangerous situations such as falling from high places. The number nine was connected to it possibly because nine is considered as a mystical or magical number.  

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