Training Your Cat to Use the Litter Box

Training-Your-Cat-to-Use-the-Litter-BoxFor you to fully enjoy the company of your pet cat and at the same time still preserve the cleanliness of your home, one of the things that you should be able to teach your cat is how to use a litter box. It can be challenging at first but with enough patience and persistence, your efforts will definitely pay off. There is nothing more relieving than seeing your cat finally being able to urinate and defecate in a litter box and no longer on your carpet or anywhere else inside the house.

Of course, you have to get the right litter box for your cat. To be safe, choose something that can not be outgrown easily so opt for a bigger size and not a small box if you have a small cat or kitten. The size is important because if your cat finds the box too small, there is a tendency that it will not use the litter box thinking that it will not be able to bury its waste. Also, a cat would not want to eliminate in a box which can be easily filled with its urine and excretion. Just like us humans, cats want a place where they can do their thing comfortably so make sure that the litter box is cleaned daily. The location of the litter box is also important so you have to find the right spot where you should place it. Avoid areas in your house where people always stay like in the family room or entertainment room because a cat needs to have peace and quiet too. Another thing to keep in mind is that it should not be near the area where your cat eats or sleeps because it may not want to eliminate its waste in that space. This makes sense because you would not want to eat near your bathroom too, right? Most importantly, the litter box should be accessible for your cat. If you place it in a room with a door, make sure that the door has a cat flap or if none, just keep the door open at all times.

Once you have your litter box ready and placed in the perfect spot in your house, you should begin to introduce the box to your cat. Show where the box is by leading your cat to its location and placing it in the box. It would help for you to know when your cat will most likely eliminate because you can guide it into the litter box during those times. One way to predict your cat’s schedule is to establish a regular feeding schedule. Coax and lead it to the location of the litter box after feeding for it to remember the routine and make it an everyday habit.

It is also important to encourage your cat by praising it every time it uses the litter box. Have enough patience to guide it with what it should do and never yell at your cat if it refuses to use the box. Observe it for any uncommon behavior because it may be feeling some discomfort or elimination problems and instead of yelling at your cat, you should be able to help address the problem and provide a solution.

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