The No-Nos of a Cat Diet


Remember Garfield from the famous comic strip.  He enjoys eating almost everything in sight, especially lasagna. Hopefully, most cat owners know that Garfield is a cartoon and cats should not eat lasagna. Garfield at a lot of food you should never give a cat and survived.    Why not? Food is food.



You may think it’s safe to give your cat all kinds of food. After all, the cat food that you are giving them is made of dairy products, meat, fish and various other items. While this is true, remember that cat food uses these ingredients in a way that cats can digest them. Human foods, particularly those prepared with seasonings are not intended for ingestion by cats. Many people feel that having a cat or dog is a great way to get rid of leftovers. Your cat is not your garbage disposal. To make sure that your pet lives a long and healthy life feed it food that is appropriate and nutritious.



It may seem reasonable to give your cat a chicken leg, raw fish, or leftover hamburger. After all, why let leftovers go to waste right? You may have seen feral cats gnawing on leftovers and thought that they seem happier than your kitty. Besides, cat’s seem to prefer it to chewing on dry food.  The feral cat might have seemed happy that its hunger was actually satisfied.  That doesn’t mean that the food it was eating was actually good for it. Giving cats leftovers of chicken or fish can be dangerous for several reasons. First of all, the fish can still have tiny bones that can stick into the cats’ gums. Second, the chicken bones can be sharp and pierce the cats’ mouth. Also, many seasonings that go into preparing human food are dangerous for cats. Onion and garlic for instance, even in trace amounts are extremely unhealthy for cats. True, your cat may have all kinds of meat and fish in the ingredients of its food. But cat food is formulated in such a way that cat’s stomachs can tolerate it.


cat-eating-tuna2Canned fish seems to be acceptable when it comes to human foods that can be fed to cats. However, canned fish is actually not appropriate for cats. Keep your tuna and sardines for the humans.  One of the reasons is that tuna, in particular, contains high levels of mercury. If humans should be concerned about eating too much tuna and we are bigger than cats.  How much more should we be concerned about cats eating it? Cats have smaller bodies and are more sensitive to these kinds of toxins. Cats, unfortunately, can easily develop a taste for tuna.  Some jump on the table every time you are enjoying a tuna salad or rub your leg when you are opening a tuna can. It is not the end of the world if your cat gets a few bites of tuna. Give them this delicacy in moderation.



There is a common belief that cats just love to lap up milk and adore all things dairy. The truth is that most cats are lactose intolerant. They, like humans, can experience extreme stomach discomfort from cows milk.  Even if your cat seems to enjoy milk, that doesn’t mean that dairy products are good for it. People who are lactose intolerant may enjoy ice cream or cheese, but don’t like what it does to them later on. Your cat cannot tell you this, but it is likely experiencing the same thing.



Your cats do not need vegetables to have a balanced diet. Resist the temptation to feed them salad and other raw vegetables. It is highly unlikely that your cat will even try to eat greens in the first place. Under no circumstances should cats or dogs be allowed to eat any chocolate, coffee or cola. Cats might actually be attracted to chocolate items, particularly cake. The combination of sugar and caffeine can be dangerous. Caffeine alone is downright toxic to felines. Don’t leave chocolate cake or cookies on the table when your cat is around.



It can be dangerous for your cat to consume food that has yeast in it. The yeast will rise inside the cats’ belly and cause extreme discomfort. It is unlikely that you would give your cat this kind of food but be on the lookout when you’re making bread.  If you are baking while your cat is wandering around in the kitchen be on the lookout.  Felines have a tendency to be curious in a way that is not always healthy.



Usually, your cat will crave food that is good for it.  Keep in mind that the best kind of food is cat food. Not all cat food  is created equal. There is a long-standing controversy between wet and dry food. The ideal solution is a combination of both types because they have respective advantages. Wet food is high in protein and moisture, and dry food contains fiber and is good for cleaning the teeth. Also, keep in mind that your cat may require different kinds of food at various stages of life. Buy kitten food when your cat is young and diet cat food if he or she is overweight. You may find specialty foods for older cats at your pet food store.



Don’t let your cat be like Garfield. Cat obesity is a serious issue.  You should monitor your pets’ weight at regular intervals to ensure optimal health. Give your cat only pet food, and avoid thinking that any kind of meat or fish you eat is appropriate for your cat. If your cat wants something to break the routine, offer pet treats. Some even freshen the breath and clean the teeth at the same time. Keep human food for humans and cat food for the cats, this way everyone in the family is likely to be healthy and happy.

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