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Teach Your Cat to be Home Alone

1459231993501_Cat-meowIf the guilt associated with leaving your cat at home is interfering with your work or travel plans, then you will need to find a solution for the same. Cats are independent by nature. This does not mean they do not miss you when you are not present. There are some simple tips you can use to leave your feline friend at home without worrying about their welfare.

Find her a friend
Daily contact is a requirement even to the most antisocial cats. Make arrangements, whether through a family member or pet-sitter, for someone to visit your cat daily. The daily visitor will make sure the life of your cat has minimal changes as the visitor will provide clean living quarters and proper food supply. Additionally, the interaction will assure your pet that you will be back soon while giving you peace of mind by knowing ‘fluffy’ is in good hands.

Teach-Your-Cat-to-be-Home-AloneKeep the cat busy
Time moves fast when you are enjoying yourself, which is the same thing for cats. Ensure there are plenty of toys for fluffy to play with throughout the day. Examples of great toys are cat scratchers. They will prevent your feline companion from scratching up furniture due to boredom. Camp toys are an addition that can keep them entertained. Their chosen companion should be requested to spend some minutes playing with your cat irrespective of the toys being provided. When cats have fun, even with a different person, they are less likely to miss you, their owner.

Stock on favorite foods
Before leaving your feline companion at home, take an inventory of how much cat treats and food you have. You will need to make sure there is enough to last your vacation while including extra for any unforeseen emergencies. Overstocking food for your cat will give you peace of mind in case you are delayed due to weather conditions or other causes. Avoiding changes in kitty’s feeding routine helps keep them healthy and happy.

Your feline companion would not want to go potty in a dirty litter box the same way you wouldn’t take a bath in a dirty bathroom/bathtub. It is very crucial to maintain the litter box of your feline pet. The pet-sitter should scoop and replenish the litter as needed to ensure the box is tidy and fresh. To make this a quick and easy process, keep additional scoopers, waste bags and litter. In case you leave for a short while, like a weekend, leave two litter boxes so that your cat has extra room to do their business.

Secure the home
Make it a point to double check your home’s entry points. It is not unusual to overlook an unlocked door or open window when you are rushing out of town. Open doors and windows are an open invitation for any pet to explore outdoors. The same is risky as it is also a welcome mat for intruders who would gladly help themselves to your belongings. Take a few minutes to ensure your house is secured.

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