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Superstitious Beliefs About Black Cats

1459232046456_Cat-meowWhen you think of Halloween, one of the most popular and widely used characters or representation are witches with their black cats. How did this come about? The history as to why black cats are often associated with witches and witchcraft can be traced back to as early as the Middle Ages in Europe. There are stories that back then, black magic was prevalent among old ladies who had no other companion but their cats and so their cat companion were also accused of witchery by association. Some just laugh at this story but some believe it is true. However, before the black cats gained the negative reputation that they have carried on until the modern times, they also had their share of the limelight. Somewhere along 3000BC or during Early Egyptian times, all cats, regardless of their color, were highly esteemed and well-regarded that no one was allowed to hurt them or kill them because it was considered as a crime and killing cats was even punishable by death. All the cats, even the black ones, were venerated and treated as royalty. However, things changed and so now, whenever people see black cats, they either get scared or just avoid the cats so as to also avoid the bad luck that may come with them.

Then again, not everyone believes that black cats are associated to witchcraft and that they bring bad luck. Depending on which part of the world you are in, there may be varying superstitious beliefs about our furry feline friend. There are places which associate black cats to bad luck but there are also some which regard black cats as deliverers of good luck. As mentioned earlier, the Egyptians idolized cats and believed they bring good luck because the cats can walk in the shadow of the night with extreme confidence. Because of that characteristic, Egyptians regarded cats as the animals of the afterlife. In Britain and in Japan, most people consider it as good luck when they cross paths with a black cat. The Scottish believes that when a black cat is seen on their porches, it is a sign of prosperity and wealth. Some also have this belief that if you find a white hair or fur on a black cat, it will bring you good luck, provided that you do not pluck it out. You can be amazed at how many stories and beliefs have come up throughout the years. 

If there are superstitious beliefs about black cats bringing good luck, more people are aware of the bad luck or bad omen that these unknowing animals bring to anyone that they encounter. Too bad that they cannot defend themselves and disassociate themselves with bad luck. Fortunately, in this day and age, more and more pet owners do not get affected by superstitions so a lot of cat lovers also take care of black cats and treat them as one of the family. Black is beautiful and black is just a color. Bad lucks come to those who are meant to experience some tough times, let us just leave the black cats out of that.

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