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Playful Cats And Their Toys

1459548888143_Cat-toyIt is essential to give cats something that they can play with because they are naturally playful animals. They love frolicking around the house and playing with things that they find interesting such as rolls of toilet papers or balls of yarn lying around somewhere in your living room. Playing is in their nature and if we don’t give them something to play with, they may play with anything that is available and not everything may be safe for them. If we care about our pet cats, we should also be careful with the toys that we allow them to play with.

There are a lot of toys that can be considered safe for cats. Since cats are very active and vigorous whenever they are in their playful mood, active toys are recommended for them. These active toys may include balls – plastic balls, ping-pong balls, practice golf balls, practically any type of ball as long as it is not too small to be swallowed by your cat.

Paper bags and cardboard boxes are also great toys for cats because they are good for interactive playing. Cats can pounce on them, hit or thump on them, or hide in it, even sleep in it once they get tired from all the playing. Avoid plastic bags because it may cause suffocation to your beloved cat.

There is also what you may call comfort toys. These are soft stuffed animals that may bring out the motherly and caring nature in them, but it could also unleash the beast in your cuddly pets. After all, cats are carnivores and in the wild, they are predators so having something to “fight” with or pose as their prey that they can dig their claws into during playtime is also good for them. It is also a good thing if these comfort toys would resemble wild animals with legs and tails to be more attractive to cats. Just make sure that you check these toys first if there are detachable parts such as eyes or other accessories because your cat may accidentally swallow them if you don’t.

Most pet shops sell pet toys for cats but practically speaking, you do not have to buy or spend too much as cats will appreciate even if you give them household items or old toys that you have in your storage. Plastic shower curtain rings and cardboard from an empty toilet paper roll would do just fine because it is innate in your pet cats to simply have fun with anything that rolls. What is important is that you, as a pet owner, would recognize that your pets can have fun without compromising their safety.

Playtime is an important activity for cats because it keeps them active and healthy both physically and psychologically. It serves as their outlet to release their energies especially if they are confined within the house. Basically, playing is also exercising for them so encourage your cat to exercise by playing and bonding with them whenever you are home.

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