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If Cats Voted on Brexit – They Would Leave and Come Back Again And Again

Cats to consider leaving then change mindEver notice a cat wants to go out then come back in, then go out, then come back in? If so, congratulations you’re a cat owner.

Let’s pretend your cat voted to on the Brexit issue. Should England leave the European Union or not?

OMG, they’d leave and come back again and again. It would exhausting to watch.

Attempts to force them through the door would be met by either entirely fake affection and purring or psychotic rage, pretty much at random.Cats went on to reserve the right to keep asking to leave the EU every so often so they could take a look outside and see if it smelled interesting.Local cat Snuffleman Purrliams told us that it was important to keep your options open, and if the post-Brexit world looked cold and unpleasant they’d go and check all the other exits as well.

 One thing for sure, if you tell the cat you like what it did, it’s sure to change its mind…. about a million times.

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