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How Do Cats Communicate?

How-Do-Cats-CommunicateCommunication is vital for us to understand one another. It can be verbal or non-verbal, depending on the situation and the circumstances. What is important is that we can effectively transmit our message across to anyone who needs to receive it. For people, communication may not be a problem because we can speak and for those who cannot, we can use sign languages and other gestures. However, how can we communicate with our pet cats? We need to understand them too so that we can provide them with the things that they need or give them proper care and attention that they deserve. But the question is, how do we understand our cats? How do they communicate?

Cats are known to meow and even the little kids associate it as the sound that a cat makes. Most often than not, cats will meow at humans if they want to tell us something. Meowing may vary on the tone, pitch, volume, and even rhythm. If a cat meows using a low pitch, the cat is most likely agitated. Try visiting a veterinary clinic and you will hear a cat or two sounding just like that. If the meow is high-pitched, the cat conveys a message of happiness. Listen to your cat when you come home from work and you will probably hear a high-pitched meow. Aside from the pitch, it will also be easier to understand the meows by looking at your cat’s body posture while meowing.

Aside from meows, cats also make other sounds to communicate. We may not be able to fully understand them but it would not hurt to try. Whenever they feel that there is a potential threat around them, they usually let out a low-pitched rumbing growl. This may serve as a warning to other cats in the house or even to us humans.

When you are bonding with your cat and spending some quality time just stroking its fur and cuddling, your cat will most likely purr to convey comfort, happiness, and even security in your arms. It may also warble to display its affection towards you. Aside from warbling,  cats may also trill to denote affection. But at the same time, trilling may also be a form of inquiry for them. Trill is the sound used mostly by mother cats to call their kittens close.

Cats are also known to howl. Depending on the pitch of the howl, it may convey either pain, sadness, stress, or extreme fear. There are times when you might hear your cat purr and howl at the same time. Do not get confused with purring alone which conveys comfort and happiness. The rule of thumb is that howling is not a good sign. Whatever the case may be, once you hear your cat howl, make sure you attend to it right away because howling means something negative.

Lastly, to show their gratitude, cats let out a silent meow. A silent meow occurs when a cat opens its mouth slightly without emitting any sound. This is the most rewarding act a cat may show to a human. You may consider yourself very lucky if you receive this highest form of compliment from your pet cat. Since your cat cannot say thanks for all that you do, it will just give you a silent meow.

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