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Find Out Which Cat Breed Suits Different Personality Types (Part 2)

persian-catWe have discussed some of the cat breeds which are best suited for people who have the following personalities: the life of the party, the athlete, the loyalist and protector, the independent type, and the traveler. Below are more cat breeds recommended for people who are looking for the perfect cat which they can relate to and can relate to them too.

The Quiet One

Cat persons who love to stay indoors, curled up on the couch with a good book and a refreshing drink would also appreciate cats which can just stay with them quietly curled up or napping on their laps. One of the most popular breed of cat is the Persian cat and they are known for their sweet and gentle characteristics and their mild and melodious sound.They are very charming and they love to drape themselves on windows or chairs, as if always ready to pose for a camera. They are playful too but will never demand for it.

turkish-angoraPersistent and Stubborn

People who are used to getting their way all the time may also want a pet cat which will not bow down easily. If you want a cat which will not back down, then you may want to get the “alpha” cat – the Turkish Angora. The Turkish Angora or Turks are intelligent cats known for their assertive nature. They are intelligent, loving, and playful and they like to interact with people. However, if it feels that you are not giving it enough attention, it will definitely let you know.




Caring and Warm

Pet owners know how good it feels to have their pets welcome them home from a tiring day at work. In return, we also love to shower our pets with the care and affection that they need and deserve. If you want an affectionate cat which wil appreciate all these, the best breeds to go for are the Devon Rex or the Ragdoll. Devon Rex cats are very affectionate and they love cuddling with their humans while the Ragdoll cats love to be on their owners’ laps just spending some warm and fuzzy, quality time.



The Curious Explorer

Pet owners with children who love to explore and are inquisitive about a lot of things are recommended to have the American Shorthair as a pet cat. Aside from being a good-looking cat, they are also known to be sweet and amiable with children and other pets in the household. They are a good partner for little explorers because they are active, vigorous, playful, and always ready to explore.



Families, especially those with kids who are always running around the house need a pet which can tolerate some poking and prodding from playful little hands. The best breed of cat suited for this kind of environment would be the Burmese cats because they are known to be patient and good with children. They are extremely people-oriented and some even compare them to dogs because of their characteristics. They love snuggling up with their owners and would even love it more if they can sleep on your bed.

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