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Find Out Which Cat Breed Suits Different Personality Types (Part 1)

One of the reasons why you may want to get a pet cat is because you want to have a constant companion and a buddy at home aside from your family. For that reason, you would of course want to get a cat which gets you and a cat which you somehow understand too. Finding the perfect cat for you is not just based on how it looks, you should also take into consideration the different cat breeds and which one of them suits your personality. You can also share this with family and friends who would like to have a furry friend as well.

main-coonThe Life of the Party

People who are outgoing and love to socialize would definitely love a friendly and easygoing cat too. Since this type of cat owners are often with the company of family and friends,the cat should also be able to appreciate and enjoy the company. The best cat breeds for the friendly people are the Maine Coon or Abyssinian. Maine Coon cats are known for their intelligence and kind disposition. They can easily charm humans, and are very good with children and other pets in the household. Sometimes, they are even described as “dog like” because they are very trainable and entertaining. Another cat known for its intelligence are the Abyssinian. This cat likes to be around people and and are eager to be part of whatever it is that its owner is doing by trying to help.


The Athlete

Athletic and active people also need cats which are equally active and energetic so that they can accompany each other during activities and exercise routines. One breed of cat which is best suited for the athletic type is the Turkish Van. Turkish Vans are very agile and they have substantial strength. They are known to love water and some even call them the swimming cats so if you love water, then this cat is the best companion for you.




The Loyalist and Protector

When talking about the people we love, we have this natural need to protect and be loyal to them. It would be best if we can also have a cat which feels the same towards us and the best breed which can do so is the Manx. This cat is known to be loyal and assertive and are known to be protective of their families from potential threats. They are great hunters so they can definitely protect your house from rodents and other unwanted pests.




The Independent Type

If you are always busy but would want a pet cat at home, then you need a cat which will not demmand a lot of time from you and the British Shorthairs are known for that quality. They are very laidback and relaxed on their own and are not fond of being handled and carried.





The Traveler

If you are always on the go and want a cat which can handle traveling with you, the best breed to go for would be either the Chartreux or the Japanese Bobtail. Chartreux cats are known to be quiet and gentle and does not mind traveling while the Japanese Bobtail are excellent travelers because they can easily adapt to new environments. In fact, they enjoy hotel rooms and love being in cat shows.

These are just some cat breeds for certain personality types. More will be discussed on the next post.

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