Distinctive Characteristics of Cats

Distinctive-Characteristics-of-CatsWe know a cat when we see one but there are more to cats than what meets the eyes. They are very complex in nature and not everyone can understand their behavior that is probably one of the reasons why more people get dogs as pets instead of cats. There are many cat breeds and not all of these breeds have the same characteristics but there are traits and features that are common to all. Let us try to understand cats better by listing down some of their common characteristics below.

Cats are Agile

Cats are known for their agility and dexterity. They can balance themselves well and it is still quite amazing to see cats doing their cat walk on top of a narrow fence as if they are just casually walking on land. They have the coordination and strength to explore their surroundings, get into hard to reach areas, and climb even the highest spaces in or outside the house.

Cats are Self-Reliant

Unlike dogs which love to be around their fellow dogs and humans, cats usually do not have the need or the biological requirement to be around other cats or humans in order to survive. It can hunt, find its own refuge, and defend it from anyone who it feels is a threat. Basically, cats are often contented to live on its own and may even choose to be independent from humans. In the wild, cats are solitary animals and they can fend for themselves except for lions which usually live and hunt in groups.

Cats are Adaptable

Although the previous item discusses cats as independent animals, cats can also live in groups and can be dependent to humans when necessary. Cats can live in a wide range of circumstances and that makes them very adaptable. They can live indoors but they can also survive the outdoors.

Cats are Hunters and Carnivores

It is in cats’ nature to hunt for preys. With their flexibility and the ability to move with minimal sound, they are considered to be specialist hunters or predators which are often motivated whenever they see or hear potential preys. Cat owners need to understand that cats have very sharp teeth and claws so when the cats are in their hunting mode, people, especialy kids, should be careful around them. Cats should also be given the freedom and opportunity to hunt by allowing it to wander freely in and around the house. Also, since cats are carnivorous animals, they cannot be vegetarians.

Cats are Territorial Animals

Cats have their territories and it is extremely important for them. A territory is the space that a cat needs in order to carry out its usual routine to survive and thrive and cats usually mark their territories through rubbing,scratching, or even spraying it with their urine. They do that so that other ats can smell their scent. If at anytime, a cat feels any potential theats to its territory, it will and it is ready to defend it.

Cats are Sensitive to Scents

Cats are also known for their acute sense of smell and they use it to communicate to other cats, and to establish territories. They are sensitive to different types of scents and can even detect sounds and vibrations which the human ear cannot detect.

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