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Cats Get Stressed Too

Cats-Get-Stressed-TooWe often feel stressed because it is just in our nature to worry about a lot of things. We worry about work, family, finances, or even in simple things such as getting stuck in a traffic jam or thinking about what type of food we should cook for dinner. We get stressed because we are overwhelmed with emotions and anxieties in our daily lives but have you ever wondered if your pet cat gets stressed as well? Cats actually get stressed too so if you have noticed some changes in your cat’s behavior, you might want to observe it and consult a veterinarian if necessary.

Your cat’s body language can probably tell you that something is wrong. Cats usually show a defensive body position or stance when they feel that there is a potential threat around them. Their arched backs show aggressiveness and is a sign of being attentive and focused on whatever may harm them. When cats are stressed, they also show this kind of body position. Aside from that, they may also have dilated pupils and wagging tails.If you notice that your cat has been reacting differently and has been adopting an aggressive stance even when there is no obvious threat around, there is a big possibility that your cat is feeling stressed. When that happens, don’t wait too long before you address your cat’s situation. Try to do something which can help your cat before its stress becomes a behavioral problem.

Find out why your cat may be feeling stressed because it would be easier for you to address the situation if you know what the stressors are. Most of the time, cats get stressed because of physical aspects. The simplest things such as getting a bath or a trim can cause stress so what more if your cat experiences a physical trauma or undergoes surgery? Your cat may not like going to the vet and that may also be a cause of its stress. Pregnancy and lactation, de-clawing, parasites,illnesses, and treatments can also be potential stressors so make sure that you observe your cat for any indication that it has any physical issues.

The type of food or the lack of it can also cause stress to cats. If your cat has been used to eating a specific type of cat food and then suddenly you give it a new type of food, it may not eat it and feel hungry so as a result, it may feel stressed. Aside from food, cats can also feel stressed because of dirty litter boxes, changes in the litter, or change in the location because it will not be able to eliminate properly.

There are other factors which may be considered as potential causes of stress for cats and these include the cat’s environment, its relationship with people and the way it is treated by those around it, and its relationship with other cats within the household or those unknown cats who are loitering around its home. As a cat owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that your cat lives in a place where there are less stressors and if ever it gets stressed, you should be able to respond to it quickly and get rid of what causes stress to it.

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