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Cats and Water – Do They Mix Well Together?

Cats-and-Water-–-Do-They-Mix-Well-TogetherCats in general are like oil in water. They just do not match well together.  However, if you look at them, you see cats as very clean and tidy with their bodies. Very seldom will you see a cat that is dirty and that is because unlike some animals, cats are very much capable of grooming themselves and they do so almost every day. So the question that remains as a huge mystery to most pet lovers out there that needs some clarification is why do most cats dislike water?

It must be distinguished that cats do not hate water. They simply do not like being drenched in water because cats are skittish in nature. They easily get scared of anything new to them. One of their defense mechanisms is they try to look bigger whenever they are faced with imminent danger. The hair on their bodies rises almost instantaneously whenever they see a predator. Its tail is almost twice its original size because of its fur standing on end. This is their way to look as big as possible. Getting them drenched in water would make them feel vulnerable and helpless. In addition, cats are known to be agile creatures. They would not be as agile as they could if they have additional weight on their body because their fur becomes waterlogged. More so, the structure of a cat’s fur is set up to be water resistant at the top layer. Therefore, if your cat gets drenched, it somehow locks in the water making it very uncomfortable for your pet.

Other factors may also be at play why your feline friend is afraid of water. Basically, it depends on their previous experience or exposure to water. Other pet owners may force their cats to take a bath. Unknowingly, it leaves a mark behind that would certainly make your cat avoid water altogether. Others may also use water spray as a disciplinary measure whenever their pets commit mistakes. Another theory why cats, especially those living in the wild, avoid water is because they are trying to avoid being the prey to crocodiles and other predators that are known to be deadly underwater.

However, there are exceptions. It must be noted that not all cats, either domesticated pets or those in the wild, are afraid of or dislike water. There are those who even enjoy a regular swim. Big cats in the wild that stay under the sun almost the entire day every day are fond of bathing to stay cool or sometimes catch dinner. Domesticated cats on the other hand are fascinated by water. Water dripping from a faucet or a hose or from a fountain, may be viewed as a toy with which they love to attempt to catch a drop or two using their paws.

In essence, cats simply do not want to be susceptible to any form of attack with their guards down, and being drenched in water is just a major example. But, its attitude towards water can be completely programmed and you can make your pet enjoy getting wet if it was introduced in a playful manner and the overall experience is an enjoyable one.

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