Owning a Cat

Cat-Proofing Your Home

Cat-Proofing Your HomeAll you wanted was to have a pet cat because you have been wanting to care for an animal so cute ever since you were young. Now that you have your own place and you think that you are responsible enough to care for another living being, you can go ahead and get a pet cat which you can play with and cuddle with whenever you want. However, having a pet cat is not just about having someone to be with. You also have to make sure that you provide it with the attention and care that it deserves, food that it needs to survive, and of course, a safe place to live in.

Having a cat at home is like having a baby in the house. You have to keep potentially dangerous things and harmful substances away and out of its reach. Cats are very curious and they are likely to investigate and play around the house so cat-proofing your home is important to ensure your cat’s safety once you bring it home. There is an old saying which says “curiousity kiled the cat” and you definitely would not want that saying to become a reality so look around the house and identify which items may need to be relocated, kept, or disposed. To help you with this task, here are a few household items which you may need to re-assess.

Draperies and Cords. These can be strangulation hazards for cats especially kittens so make sure that cords from curtains, blinds, lamps, and electrical items are bundled up using cable ties or simply tie them up so that cats will not be abe to reach them. Cords from electrical items are doubly dangerous because aside from strangulation, cats may also chew them and get electrical shocks. If possible, run the cords under carpets or behind furniture where cats cannot see and reach them.

Toilet Bowl and Bathroom Essentials. Always make sure that you keep your bathroom door closed and your toilet lid down because cats, especialy kittens, may fall and drown on your toilet bowl. Store your bathroom essentials safely in cabinets and keep the caps on bottles which contain shampoo, conditioner, detergent, bleach, or perfumes as they may contain toxic chemicals and other substances.

Washing Machine and Detergents. Same with bathroom essentials, detergents contain toxic chemicals which are harmful when ingested. As for washing machines, always check them first before use because for some reason, cats love taking naps inside it.

Garbage Bins. It is better to use a garbage bin with lids so that your cat cannot go through it. Just make sure that the lid cannot be knocked open easily or else, it defeats its purpose. Garbage bins can be dangerous especially if it contains wastes such as bones and other sharp objects, plastic bags, styrofoam, spoiled food, and other contaminated items.

Strings and Threads. Cats love to play with strings, threads, and balls of yarn but those can be dangerous when swallowed. Strings, including rubber bands may cause fatal intestinal problems.

Windows. Cats are known to survive falls but if you live in a high rise apartment or condominium, make sure that your windows have sturdy screens installed because falling from windows may cause injuries and even the life of your cat.

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