Owning a Cat

Cat Adoption – Saving a Cat’s Life One at a Time

1460362140163_adopt-catGetting a pet cat is a commitment that should only be for people who are a hundred percent sure that they are ready to become pet owners. Being a pet owner does not only require an individual to have the financial capability to sustain the needs of a pet cat but also the time and dedication because caring for a pet is a lifetime commitment. At least, for as long as the pet lives.

When you have finally decided that you are getting a cat and you think that you are ready to commit, consider visiting your local animal shelter and other shelters within or near your area before heading over to a pet store. Animal shelters have cats and other animals for adoption in an effort to re-home the animals that need love, care, and attention. There are a lot of reasons why adopting a cat from animal shelters is a great idea and one of them is that you could be saving a cat’s life by doing so. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), across the United States, there are more than three million cats that are waiting to be adopted in shelters. You may think that adopting one is just a small speck compared to a million but all big numbers start with one. When you adopt from a shelter, you help save cats that needed saving, one at a time.

Some people would hesitate adopting from shelters because most of the cats there have once been pets of someone else and they might think that the cats ended up in shelters because they were problem cats. That may not be the case. Most of the time, cats end up in animal shelters because their owners had to give them up due to variety of reasons. Reasons may include lifestyle changes, developed illnesses or allergies, moving to new homes, or the death of the owners. The animal shelters will gladly divulge the reasons why a cat ended up in their care so you can always discuss these information with them. They can even give you some tips on how to handle specific cats effectively based on notes from previous owners.

There will be a lot of cats to choose from in the animal shelter so take note of vital information that will be shared with you. Your pet cat will be your companion and your best friend so it is important to choose your best match. Do not just look at the beauty of the cat, your priority is that the cat should be healthy. Look for a cat with clear eyes and noses as well as well-groomed coats without any tangles or patches. If a cat interacts with you when you look at it, that may be a good sign as well.

If you have the time, make sure that you visit several animal shelters if there are a couple or more near you so that you can widen your options. Remember that caring for a pet is for life and you need to be ready and responsible enough to own a cat. If you have the financial capability and the commitment, then you are ready to save a cat’s life and give it the love it deserves.

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