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Best Ways to Handle Cat Care When Going on Vacation

Traveling can be a annoying if you know that your favorite feline pet will be home alone.  No need to cancel your vacation for Fluffy’s sake. Here are some great options that will keep your mind at ease.

cat_in_suitcase_3.2When leaving your cat

Some cats can be territorial in nature. It is best advised to identify your pet’s behavior when you are away. Identify if your cat needs company or prefers to be alone. Is it an outdoor or indoor pet? Can it adapt to a new environment? Have you noticed whether your pet gets stressed when you are away? Find a good place where your cat stay in your absence.

What can you do if you can’t take your furry pals with you?

  • Book a spot at a boarding facility
  • Bring your cat to a close friend or family member for a ‘sleepover’
  • Hire a cat sitter
  • Ask a trusted friend or neighbor to check in
  • If you are only going away for a short time, you can set your cat up with enough food, water and litter. It is advisable to have someone check up on your pet daily or every other day. shelter

Boarding is a great option for cats. Many facilities like local cat groomers, vets and kennels board pets short term.  These usually service canines as well. If your cat gets stressed out by dogs, this may not be your best option.  Ask the boarding facility how they handle that. Some boarders insist on flea baths which is an extra expense.

A cage can serve as the most popular cat boarding for your cat pets. This includes food and water, litter box, and some toys to play with. The litter box, food and water get replenished daily.

shutterstock_340071806Good health

Boarding facilities  insist that your feline friend is healthy and updated with its vaccinations. This is essential for the well-being of your little darling along with the other cats in the facility. If you are a frequent traveler research and advanced planning may save you money. The best  facilities provide rooms with toys, climbing shelves and cat trees. This keeps your cat and other members of the kitty family busy while their owners are away.

cat.going.sleepover1.2Friend sleepovers

Ask your friend, neighbor or relative who loves cats if your feline pet can have a ‘sleepover’ in his house. This is possible even if your friend also has cat pets. This depends on both cats.  Most cats can be territorial, but some may welcome a new friend. Even so,  if there is a secluded place for your pet there, this option can still work. Your cat may get stressed it cannot get along with the resident cats. Cats are especially territorial when it comes to food and litter box. Make sure that all the cats have updated their vaccinations to prevent potential illness.  Hide-away areas give your cat a safe place to go so bring a box along.  If your cat is sociable, this can be an exciting and enriching experience.

girl.white.cat2.2Pet sitters

Going out of town is hassle-free when you have someone to take good care of your pet. Cats like their own domain. it may be best to hire a professional cat sitter, a family member, friend or neighbor to care for your pet at home.  Talk to someone who resides near your home or who can visit your house from time to time in your absence.

Having a cat sitter with background in cats is a good idea to ensure that your cat is well-taken care of. Choose someone who is  knowledgeable about cat care. Knowing the food to give, the amount to feed your pet and how to find your cat when it is hiding is a plus.  Your cat will be less nervous if someone comes by to visit once or twice a day. Ask someone to replenish the food and water bowls, clean the litter box and provide some playtime.

kitten.eating.big.bowl.1.2Special needs

When leaving a cat at home by itself, experts say overnight is a reasonable duration. If you will be away longer than 24 hours, consider getting someone to check in. Letting your cat hungry for more than a day can reduce its weight and impact its  health.

Going away for 2-3 days?  Can’t find help? An electronic cat feeder that can  dispense food on time.  Make sure to still have someone to check whether this equipment is working. Water silos keep your pet drinking and well hydrated.  Arrange for someone to check on its welfare, in case something unexpected happens.

Once you have a plan make sure the sitter or kennel knows all about your cat’s daily habits. In some instances, several cats do not like eating when their bowl is half empty. Some will push a dirty litter box. Some cats enjoy listening to different kinds of music in the morning or before they go to sleep at night. These details save a lot of time to get along with your feline pal.

Some cats can become stressed out once they find that their owner is absent. Some sitters and kennels will play and talk to the pet and comfort it while you are gone. pet stress

The downside when going on vacation is that it can be difficult at times to find someone who can take care of your pet. To reduce possible stress, you can send your cat to its temporary abode for a few days before your departure. Observe how things will turn out. If something seems not right, you still have some time to figure out what other options you have. If you are sending your cat to a friend who has other pets, you have to know if they can be with your pet. This can be a good alternative.

boy.girl.playing.cat1.2Your feline friend should not be a reason to cancel your vacation. Seek all potential options where you have to leave your cat in your absence. There are many cat lovers willing to spare some time and look after for pets who need temporary care.


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