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Best Breeds of Cats for Apartment Living

Many Americans prefer cats as their household pets. These pets are highly adaptable to indoor lifestyle compared to dogs. Cats can cope with the busy lifestyle in the metropolis with minimum supervision of their owners. Among the different breeds of cats, some of them are suited to become apartment pets which can adjust to city dwelling with ease.

cat_in_apartment2.2Fits your Lifestyle

Adopting cats is an enjoyable activity for those who love feline companions at home. Not all cats have similar traits and personalities. Select cats that you can tolerate their activities and provide their daily maintenance needs. A better understanding of a particular breed that you like most will give you the satisfaction to take care of them and find the best for apartment living.

Features and Traits

cat_with_people2.2When choosing a feline roommate, make sure that you are aware of its temperament traits. The cat should be adaptable with a positive disposition, shows active and happy features, creates soft sound, highly tolerable to be alone for at least 8 hours daily, sociable and has no trace of being overly territorial.

Your lifestyle is a major consideration before settling for the breed of cat that you like most. If you plan to bring along your cat wherever you go, ensure that the cat enjoys being with people. The pet should be able to tolerate loud noises or become part of a dinner party with a wide audience. Some cats can be easily irritated when meeting a lot of people or can be hypersensitive when touched by strangers.

mixed_cat_breeds2.2Cat Breeds for Apartment Living

Some cat breeds are popular companions of pet owners living in city. To ensure that you are getting the right breed for your apartment, consult the cat breeder about the personalities and temperaments of the available cats in his animal shop. Your feline friend should match your living conditions for mutual communication and better relationship.

british_shorthair_2.2British Shorthair

British Shorthair can easily adapt to the apartment dwellers and new environments. This pet is highly advised for first-time cat owners. It is very quiet and friendly to its owner. For those who want to have a lap cat, this breed is recommended for you. It is also the best choice for people who always travel or have no luxury of time to introduce a pet to its new home. This breed does not need any spectacular activity or exercise to be happy. It enjoys being cuddled by its owner.

persian_cat2.2Persian Cats

Persian cats are easy-going and lovable pets. They are suitable to apartment living. They do not need much attention and do not stay in a place where the owner is away for a long period. These cats require daily grooming to maintain their neat-looking coat. They do not need much playtime. They do not need a big space to do their exercises and keep their health fit and adjust to their surroundings.

russian_blue2.2Russian Blue

Russian Blue is an independent and lovable cat. This breed is fit for working singles. It is shy when meeting strangers but shows loyalty to their owner. It has plush blue coat which needs very low maintenance. It is somewhat active and love playing.


For first-time cat owners, a Javanese breed is highly recommended. This pet plays a lot, affectionate, and makes loud noises. This breed can tolerate staying without a companion during the day. It needs daily one-on-one interaction with its owners to be happy. This breed is advised to be part of the household of a retired senior.


Ragdoll is described as having gentle temperament and laid back personality. Its gentle temperament makes it an easygoing pet that you can live with. This is a perfect cat for anyone with less time to look after his pet. It can be a lap cat which enjoys playtime, but is not demanding. Ragdoll cats are best kept indoors and can easily adapt well to apartment life.

cat_in_apartment3.2Cat Options for Apartments

If the cats cited above do not meet your criteria, there are still several mellow, easygoing cats available at the animal shelters seeking potential owners and better homes. If you decide to get from a rescue group, check an adult cat. As the cat turns three years old or so, you can see that its personality has formed, and seek the shelter staff advice to select a feline friend that matches your lifestyle.

senior_with_cat_2.2If you can accept that your chosen cat cannot be with you for a long period, find senior cats which are calm and loving for their owners as they reach their golden years. You may also consider getting an adult and a young cat. Make sure they have compatible traits. While you are away, they can keep each other’s company. You may be surprised that once you get back home you get much attention and love from them after a log busy day.

Other Considerations

cat_hiding_catbed1.2Providing your cat a vertical territory ensures a better place for your feline pet. A tall tree meant for your pet or a having a good location on the mantel or bookshelf can show your pet that your apartment is a huge dwelling place. This is very significant if you are taking care of more than one cat. The bigger space prevents any irritation or stress-related behaviors such as quarreling or any untoward incident.

cat_in_shopping_cart1.2Essentially, a major factor in choosing an apartment-friendly cat breed lies in its personality. Talk to your breeder how to select a companion that suits your lifestyle. Be open about your home conditions and lifestyle. Identify how long you would be away from home or work or when traveling. Listen to your breeder’s advice if a particular breed will not work in small apartments.

Breeders are the best people to trust regarding the long lifespan of cats. They will share everything they know to provide you a good match. Taking time to look for the right cat for you gives you and feline friend better chances of living together for a long time.

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