Owning a Cat

Because Just One Cat Is Never Enough

Because-Just-One-Cat-Is-Never-EnoughYou thought getting a pet cat and taking it home with you is already enough but after some time, you find yourself thinking, what if you get a second cat? Are you ready to take on a new responsibility? Do you have the financial capability to look after the life of another feline friend? And most importantly, is your beloved cat ready to welcome another cat in the family?

Just like when you first got a cat, you have to take a lot of things into consideration if you want to get another cat to live with you. If you feel that you are responsible enough to take care of a couple of cats at home and that you are financialy stable to provide your cats with everything that they need, then by all means, you can head over to the nearest pet store or an animal shelter to adopt another one.

However, when you get a second cat, you also have to make sure that aside from readying yourself, your first cat shoud be ready too and it is your responsibility to make sure that you properly introduce the second cat to the family. You cannot expect to just bring a new cat home and let it adapt and be familiar with everything in time. At the same time, you also cannot expect your older cat to welcome the new one by offering its toys or sharing its food as soon as the new cat arrives. Although cats are social animals and they enjoy the company of other cats, they may react negatively if they are not properly introduced. Also, bear in mind that cats are territorial by nature and if they feel that another cat might take its place, it can either be stressed or show aggression by attacking the other cat and you would not want any of these to happen. Slowly but surely, introduce the new cat and acquaint it with the older cat while also allowing it to settle in its new surroundings.

Once they are way past the introduction part, your two cats may be your best buddies and they may be the best of friends too. You will feel that you have made the right decision getting a second one because with animals as lovable as a cat, one will never be enough. Also, having a second cat will make you feel less guilty during times that you have to go out of the house because your cat already has a companion and they can chase away each other’s boredom while you are not home. But most importantly, the joy of having two cats to come home to is just priceless especially when you get to play with them or just relax and watch television with your two feline friends curled up beside you. When the right time comes, you may even get a third one and even more. There are no limits as long as you can handle taking care of them without compromising their health and safety, and of course, yours as well.

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