18 Athletes Reveal Their Secret Love For Cats




Nyjer Morgan and Slick Willie – Best Friends and Co-stars for life

Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Nyjer Morgan found his number 1 fan waiting for him in a shelter. Initially, Morgan wanted a dog but with a demanding work schedule, he decided a cat would be better as they are more independent and able to manage themselves when left alone. Morgan said that he has embraced his new “cat-man” status, as Willy just stole his heart when they first saw each other. Morgan brings a strong showmanship presence to the field and everything else he does, including his animal advocacy work. Morgan and Willy starred in a PETA campaign to promote adoption of animals, a cause Morgan is passionate about. The deep companionship between the two is apparent in the commercial they made together. Slick Willy also stars in many of Morgan’s tweets, as he’s too cute to not have a complete internet presence. Morgan enjoys life with Slick Willy as he is a “cool dude to have around”. They enjoyed playing with feather and string toys together.



Matt Wieters and Omaha

Orioles catcher Matt and Omaha live in Baltimore with his wife and kids and a German Shepard. Matt brought Omaha into stardom by posing with him in a campaign against animal abuse in Baltimore, called Show Your Soft Side. Ever since Omaha’s fame has grown out of control Omaha reportedly has his own facebook page. Who is teaching these cats how to type? Everyday life in the Wieters home usually involves Omaha playing with the German Shepard or kids and hissing and leaving when he has had enough. He has also starred with Wieter in Pawject Runway, another campaign against animal abuse. We couldn’t ask for a cuddlier face for those campaigns!




Russ Smith, Miss Meow and Dr. Quackers



Grizzlies Guard Russ Smith and his two beautiful cats stand out as one of the most photogenic households reviewed. A stunning feline duo, Miss Meow and Dr. Quackers have the perfect amount of fluffiness to match each other. Beautiful and elegant, their images are all over the internet with Smith’s.

Dr. Quackers has his own personal Instagram account, which Instagram fans report as highly entertaining to follow. Dr. Quackers has his own twitter account and its entries look authentically feline. The NBA has satirized his driving abilities as well, making us wonder what else that cat is capable of.

Miss Meow, while more reserved,   can only be described as beautiful. Her presence on the internet is aloof yet stunning, as any traditional cat’s internet presence should be. Many fans have expressed an interest in seeing more from her.  Russ Smith has some of the most brilliant and beautiful number 1 fans in his life!


http://www.si.com/extra-mustard/2015/09/30/philadelphia-76ers-nik-stauskas-three-pointers-food-video http://nbacatwatch.com/cats/



Nick Stauskas and Dribbles

76ers’ Stauskas and Dribbles, a name he chose to show his passion for his chosen sport, live a happy life together. Dribbles is a beautiful cat with a surprisingly small internet presence. Dribbles’ existence was confirmed by the NBA Catlist by Stauskas wife. Stauska please share more of Dribbles with the world.





Bo Pelini and Anya – A deep connection

Sometimes in this life, we find our deepest connections in the most unexpected places. Bo Pelini, Nebraska Coach, and Anya are inseparable. Pelini has consistently shared his precious Anya with his other passions football and his fans. She has a large presence in the online community and is frequently the subject of memes, holiday greetings, in-depth ESPN reporting and occasionally she makes an appearance on the team. Her most famous appearance was in the Tunnel Walk in 2014, where she was raised to the sky ahead of the team to bring good luck to them.





JaVale McGee and Raja – Stunning and innovative, reaching the limits together

McGee of the Dallas Mavericks happens to own one of the rising stars in the cat modeling industry. Raja has an Instagram account full of modelesque pictures. These high-quality images will probably land Raja some cat modeling contracts in the near future. He’s a rising star to watch in the fashion industry.

Raja started this modeling “hobby” initially because he is a hairless cat and cold all the time. So McGee helped him by buying him innovative cat clothes and taking these high-quality photos of him to share with the world. McGee reports that Raja’s favorite thing to wear are gold chains, which he wears with his cryptic Blue Steel expression. This may be his signature modeling look…for now at least. We don’t know what to expect from this cat with the bold taste and a sense of innovation.



https://twitter.com/nbacatwatch/status/435947970458955776 http://www.thescore.com/news/930451



Kosta and Mufasa Koufos

Kings’ center Kosta Koufos was reported as having this beautiful cat, Mufasa. It was breaking news as this gorgeous cat had been hidden from the media. She loves being supportive of Kings’ center Kosta Koufos was reported as having this beautiful cat, Mufasa. It was breaking news as this gorgeous cat had been hidden from the media. She loves being supportive of Koufos’s high-stress job and enjoys watching TV, especially the games Koufos plays in. However, Mufasa does shed a lot.



Furkan Aldemir and Firuze -A match made in heaven

Furkan Aldemir confirmed the existence of his beloved cat a year ago to NBA Catwatch. Clearly, Aldemir and Firuze share a deep love. This charismatic kitty has a small internet presence but every appearance of him online shows a deep connection between her and Aldemir. She enjoys playing games with humans without toys. They live in Istanbul as Furkan left the NBA to play for Darüşşafaka Spor Kulübü, a professional basketball team in Turkey.




Brandon Bollig

Calgary Flame’s Brandon Bollig has this adorable kitten! Clearly, this is evidence that opposites can attract, at least in the human-feline friendship area. This stunning kitten clearly loves his human deeply, however, they keep their friendship private from the public. A classy choice for a young kitten like him. Even his name is unknown to the public.




Alex Galchenyuk

Montreal Canadien’s Alex Galchenyuk has a beautiful cat named Diego and a dog, Maxi. Diego has an especially large internet presence as a cat with a non-basketball playing human. Our research team found a few selfies of Diego among other content. While it is reported that Diego and Maxi get along, we did not find many pictures of them together. This absence may speak to some tension in this Montreal household. We hope they can get along better for their human’s sake!




Chase De Leo

Forward for the Manitoba Moose, Chase De Leo, is one of the few athletes who chose a hairless feline to be his number one fan. His feline friend is a thrill-seeker like him. Together they enjoy driving together, and other adrenaline-powered activities. This picture captures their deep friendship.




Aymeric Laporte

Central Defender for Club Athletic Bilbao, Aymeric Laporte is pictured above with his cat. Our research team only found this one image, which we think speaks more than a thousand words. Clearly, this black and white spotted cat has won the heart of his owner, as he regularly gets kisses and cuddles from his very fit human. This love is so strong that it cannot be hidden from the world, even with a sparing internet presence.




Kevin De Bruyne

Attacking midfielder for Manchester City Kevin De Bruyne, global football sensation from Belgium has a cat. The English Shorthair cat, who’s name is unconfirmed, is all over his and Mrs. De Bruyne’s Instagram. This incredibly cute cat with his silvery grey coat is quite photogenic. From the images obtained from the internet, the cat seems to be enjoying the vast wealth from his human’s successful football career.  The cat also has a limited internet presence, which is surprising for having such a famous human in his life. We expect to see more of him later on.



Robin Van Persie

Dutch Forward Robin Van Persie playing for Süper Lig club Fenerbahçe also has a cat. This brown and gray beauty’s name is unknown. His limited internet presence shows that he loves to sleep on things humans like to use, such as books and computers and occasionally watches his human’s games.




Thibaut Courtois

Chelse Goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois has two dogs and two cats reportedly. Their names are unknown to the public. Pictured above is Courtois with one of his cats and one of his dogs. This incredibly cute image shows a very intact family, where cats and dogs can cooperate to create a beautiful image for the world. The cat also looks quite calm and relaxed for being held so tightly. This is definitely a group of animals to watch along with this rising soccer star.




Geoff Schwartz “The Mini Lion”

Giants Tackler Geoff Schwartz was the very first cat owner who confirmed the existence of his cat on the popular twitter account NFL cat watch. While the cat’s name has yet to be confirmed, Schwartz posted this photo with calling his beloved feline “The Mini Lion”. Surely this is the start of a series of bold and beautiful NFL cats. The cat himself is cut majestically as a lion, speaking to a heightened awareness of the importance of the impact of his cat on the internet. We expect a greater internet presence from this mysterious mini-lion.




Doug Martin

Buccaneers Running Back Doug Martin has a unique cat. Confirmed by NFL Cat Watch, Martin’s cat is more than just an average cat, it is a serval. This exotic feline effortlessly makes a bold statement to the world, through Martin’s internet presence and NFL Cat Watch. No other cat has dots as sharp or ears as large and artistic as his. Martin also keeps his feline with a smaller internet presence, but a little goes along way with this beauty.




Seahawks Kevin Pierre-Louis linebacker also has a feline beauty as his number one fan. You know what they say, behind every great man is a great cat, ignoring him until it wants food or cuddles. Here we can see that Pierre-Louis and his cat enjoy hanging out together and supporting the Seahawks. The cat’s name is unconfirmed on NFL Cat Watch also. It seems that football players protect their cats from the media and crazy paparazzi well.

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