10 Celebrities Who Love Cats

taylor-swift-1.2Even celebrities and Hollywood stars also love cats and Taylor Swift is one among those award-winning celebrities who has a feline friend.  This can be surprising knowing that celebrities have busy schedules and lifestyles. But, they have their own personal reasons why they prefer a cat instead of other animals as pet.

Listed below are celebrities who love cats:

jon-hamm-1.2Jon Hamm of Mad Men

Jon Hamm is one of the celebrities who shows concern for cats. He doesn’t own a cat, but his unadulterated feelings and enthusiasms suggest that he would be a great cat owner. Anyone have any kittens for him to adopt?

Evan-Rachel-Wood-1.2Evan Rachel Wood

Who would think that Evan Rachel Wood who has distinctive and strong characteristic would love cuddling a cat. This Golden Globe nominee got her cat in 2008 and named it Nicodemus. She was completely bewitched with her cat as shown on adorable snapshots shared on her Twitter page. Nicodemus is very lucky that he gets to travel everywhere with his owner. With his owner all the time he is not lonely.

Ian-Somerhalder-1.2Ian Somerhalder

He’s played a smoldering vampire on The Vampire Diaries, but Ian Somerhalder actually has a big heart and lots of love for cats and other animals. In one of his Instagram photo, he posted his picture along with his adopted cats Sohalia, Thursday, and Moke. He also has two horses named Eagle and Millie, and four dogs named Gerty, Nietzche, Ira and Enzo. You can check out more swoon-worthy cat posts on his Facebook and Twitter pages. His pets have made him an animal activist and engage in different activities related to animal welfare.


Cher is known for showing up to appearances wearing unique outfits. In spite of her alternative image, she’s one of those obsessive cat owners. Her cat, Mr. Big, became international news once when he became sick. Today, Cher isn’t only posting controversial photos and videos of herself. She posts loads of photos of Mr. Big on Instagram and Twitter which are insanely cute.

Jesse-Eisenberg-1.2Jesse Eisenberg

He can be pictured as socially awkward and cold, so it’s hard to envision Jesse Eisenberg as a warm cat person. The actor isn’t only a good co-star in the upcoming movie “The End of the Tour”, but also a cat lover and cat rescuer. He fosters felines in need of shelter. In fact, his “Team Cats” is included in the New Yorker Festival along with his cat and best friend, Mr. Trunkles. Eisenberg considers cats the greatest species on Earth.


Rock star Morrissey who is a former member of “The Smiths” has been popular for decades. He’s not only a great singer but also an animal lover. He’s shown his soft side in photos and interview with his cat. In fact, he found one his cats in the street. Did you know that this legendary rock star is also a PETA spokesperson and a fierce animal advocate? You can find many images of his cats posted on Tumblr.

russell.brand.1.2Russell Brand

Russel Brand has a strong personality and is even a bit eccentric. He wouldn’t seem like an animal lover but he is actually close with his cat. As noted in his autobiography, Brand was once associated to promiscuity and drugs, but he also has a silly side. As evident in videos and photos of Brand and his cat Morrissey, even a radical person can become a responsible cat owner. Russell Brand said that he would do anything for Morrissey, even getting a cat psychiatrist when the cat is behaving strangely.


Kesha is best known in the celebrity scene because of her unique personality, outrageous outfits, colored hair and intense makeup. She’s one of the judges on Rising Stars and people see her as an alternative, funky celebrity. She adopted her cats, Mr. Peeps and Charlie. You can browse Twitter and Instagram to see what Kesha and her cats are up to. Kesha was recognized as the first Global Ambassador of Humane Society.

James-Franco-1.2James Franco

James Franco, one of the Sexiest Cat Guys, is known for his tough personality in film roles. He’s a Doctor of Philosophy, a writer and an actor. He shared in an interview on “Ellen” that he grew up in a home that loved cats. He adopted two cats, Zelda and Sammy, and named them after characters in a favorite book. He said that when he feels sad he talks with them to feel better Most of his Facebook and Instagram pages feature feline photos that fans can enjoy. You can see photos of Franco with his cats on his Tumbler and WhoSays page.

Ricky-Gervais-1.2Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais, a controversial Golden Globes host and a comedian has an abrasive personality that doesn’t match with the gentle characteristics of a cat owner. But, when he saw Olie he just had to adopt her. You can see photos of Olie on different social media pages of Ricky Gervais including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages as well as on videos.

Many celebrities love to have cats because of the unconditional love and affection that they get from them. Cats help them relax when they get home from a stressful day at work.

If there’s one lesson here, it’s this: Don’t judge a cat owner by their looks. Who are your favorite — or most surprising — cat-loving celebrities? Does your cat have a celebrity personality, or name? Share with us in the comments below.

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